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How to identify empty mark mobile power capacity

At present no brand on the market large capacity rechargeable bao qi phenomenon,
especially in the street and on taobao's big businesses are on the edge of the high
capacity mobile power bank as an important "selling point" , but the current mobile
power bank common power bank capacity of qi. So how to identify mobile power
bank empty mark to be the problem? Today to share a few tips.

Commonly used method, it is with quality (weight) to identify, battery capacity of general
quality will be heavier, but this method can identify individual batteries or, in the mobile
power bank, some manufacturers in order to increase the quality, back to within the mobile
power bank add sand stone or iron to increase the quality, so this method cannot be used to
identify capacity completely.

Open mobile power supply of the batteries of power supply capacity of the actual target, general
if for the polymer lithium battery, the battery there is less, can be directly through the battery mark
capacity determine whether up to standard. If a battery for cylindrical battery as some 18650 these
virtual target is more (can identify by weight).

Can also through the charge and discharge time and number to identify capacity, such as a 10000 mah
mobile power charger with 1000 mah, the budgetary estimate of the charging time 10000/1000 = 10 hours,
if mobile power charging time in 10 hours, the basic power, can be determined whether to 10000 mah.
Discharge is the same, 10000 ma, mobile power source for 10000 ma battery, probably calculated charge
number 10000/2000 = 5 times, remove the loss so mobile power to achieve at least 4 times before charging
standard. If less than four times that is empty mark the conversion efficiency of the circuit board or mobile
power capacity is low, not worth buying.