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Should pay attention to when Buy mobile power

Mobile Internet era, we cannot leave the mobile power bank, but don't know how to distinguish good or bad.
Dangerous and qi became a mobile power bank. If the truth really so, mobile power bank is really so terrible,
and whether a thing is hard to find good item? Small make up today to consumers to share some of the ways
to avoid buying fake mobile telephone:

1, as far as possible through normal channels to purchase normal brand mobile power bank, electric business
   platform, when buying official flagship store is more reliable.

2, big brand mobile power products, quality and safety is more reliable. For brand model, manufacturer,
parameter identification, the warning message identifies the product, don't buy

3, when the choose and buy should carefully check the shell of mobile power. Do manual work is relatively
inferior mobile power products. Same type enclosure, the higher capacity, it should be relatively
heavy in weight.

4, in the process of use or put on hold, should avoid contact with heavy or sharp metal parts, prevent the
batteries are heavy pressure deformation or pierced by the sharp metal, lead to internal short circuit

5, in everyday use, should avoid to input and output port of mobile power bank contact with the keys and
metal parts, prevent short circuit.

6, in order to better maintenance for prolonging the lifetime of mobile power supply, should be used correctly,
   waterproof, moistureproof, prevent high temperature environment, the sun insolates, etc.

Special note: summer sun incised do not place your mobile power bank in the car.