Fights the new coronavirus war, Liliangwei refuel with motherland

Column:Company news Time:2020-02-13
Face to Coronavirus epidemic situation , China ,Come on, Wuhan, Come on!

Since the new Coronavirus outbreak, medical staff, doctors, and some front-line personnel on duty, protecting the safety of millions of families, we are prond of yours. At the critical time, Thank you for so many foreign countries to support / help to China. Special thanks to brother, Russia (allthough you are military power, you have no economic advantage, but you are not hesitant in terms of materials).


The original plan,Liliangwei was to start work on February 3(after Chinese New year ), but due to the impact of Wuhan Coronavirus, in response to the unanimous call of the government, the company was postponed twice to postpone the start of construction. . And all of our employees are very active. Our employees are from many cities in China. They all listen to the call of the motherland and the company. They keep stay in their own houses. They didn’t go out. And didn’t to visit other family members and good friends , because its due social responsibility, it also protects themself and their family. By February 12, all employees of the company were safe and healthy, and none of them was infected with the coronavirus.


In recent few days, i saw daily report about coronavirus epidemic situation, the quantity of infected person already reduced slowly and slowly and day by day,

We believe that under the organization+all Chinese people+all anti-virus staff. The Virus will be defeated at recent days.


Finally, Thank you very much for our every customers , Thanks a lot to understand us and support us ,Eve though your order already delayed 1-2weeks.Of course,We will try our fast speed to arrange to produce all orders.

Wuhan , come on ! China ,Come on !