2021 Liliangwei Huizhou Travel

Column:Company news Time:2021-12-18
In ther winter of 2021 , All the staff of Liliangwei have a two days travel to Huizhou,We have spa and go for the fish,and do many others activities ,it is a nice travel .

        The year of 2021 close to the end ,it is a special year for all of us ,the pandemic still serious in most of countries,but with the powerful control of china government ,the pandemic was controled and there are just several case in some cities . After two month overworking , we delivery all the clients goods on time .To have a relax ,we have a days travel to Huizhou.
        The first day ,we take the bus to Xuliao Bay of Huizhou ,We take the boat go for fish ,play games on the beach , the whether is nice ,We all have a nice day there .
landscape.jpg        We live in the village of Hot spring resort at night , after a day play games , we feel a little bit tired ,so after the dinner ,we have spa in the resort , it is a good experience ,we relaxed and have a good sleep .