Shared power bank will not be eliminated

Column:Company news Time:2022-07-28
Shared power bank will not be eliminated, always people who need to use their mobile phones when they run out of power.

  In recent years, there have been many topics about shared chargers. Due to the increasing functions of smart phones on the Internet, frequent use of mobile phones leads to faster and faster power consumption. When you are out of the door, whenever the power of mobile phones is about to reach the bottom, people will be very anxious and start looking for shared chargers. 

  Some people will worry about the future of the shared power bank industry. In fact, there is no need to worry about this. From the perspective of big data, it can be seen that 5g empowerment has given great benefits to the shared power bank. The increased power consumption of mobile phones has increased the demand for shared power banks.

  At present, the layout of the shared charging treasure industry is mainly concentrated in the first and second tier cities. The market penetration rate of the third and fourth tier cities is still very low, and the shared charging treasure in many business districts is in short supply.

  The code scanning and charging in the way of leasing solves the power demand of users, so it is easier to be accepted by the market and recognized by everyone.