Why is it more reliable to choose a manufacturer

Column:Company news Time:2022-08-10
It is not only safe but also more secure to choose the manufacturer of shared charging treasure.

Why is it more reliable to choose a manufacturer?

(一)、Social needs

With the continuous improvement of the popularity of mobile Internet, people's use rate of smart phones is also gradually increasing. In particular, the arrival of short videos has increased the demand of users for mobile phone power. Objectively speaking, it has provided a driving force for the development of the shared charging power industry.

(二)Whether there is a factory difference:

Now most brands on the market are OEM, from the procurement of raw materials to production and manufacturing, logistics costs, 

manufacturers' profits, etc., OEM brands take delivery of goods at a high price. As for our manufacturer, because we have our own 

shared charge bank brand, we can directly give our partners 100% real share.

(三)、It has the advantages of its own factory

Liliangwei was founded in 2008,Our company was set up in highly developed industrial chain in Shenzhen&Dongguan cities of China.

Liliangwei has more than 4500 squares workshop.The whole company have more than 200 staffs and workers, with 8 automatic 

production lines, and with 20 staffs R & D Team , and With more than 35 people experienced management team.

Since beginning, the company are continually researching and developing the new energy products as the core product, the main

 products are power banks & Power station, Tws Wireless Bluetooth earphones, mobile phone accessories,. Liliangwei is a integrated 

research ,hardware and software development ,producing and sales of high-tech enterprise.

Here have three advantages that why customers choose us as their parter. 

1."Best quality", in 2010 we established HK research team &imported the advanced equipments, and scientific management talents.

2." Reasonalble price ", the same quality products, we make the best cost-effective products and Best service,.

3. The "safety", we have the global gurantee insurance for all products.

In the future,The mobile phone accesorries are as the centre product. we believe that we will grow as a top3 enterprise in same

 product’industries within 3years.

4.We have rich production experience 14 years , We are original manufacturer of Walmart and HP.