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Quality Control

Several product certification systems around the world

Selling its products to the global market, besides strictly complying with related standard of Chinese and the industry, the company also formulated detailed product norms in accordance with the corresponding quality standards of its main importing countries in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Europe. For all the products, LiLiangWei prepares for certification at the stage of design and R&D, thus the products passed FCC certification of America, CE, ROHS, FCF of European Union, SAR testing required by the United States and other countries, and it satisfied the product quality certification requirements of all customers throughout the world.

1. Perfect Quality Management System
With a strong quality management team composed of over 100 people and rigorous quality management organization, LiLiangWei has established strict quality prevention, guarantee, control and management of the entire business process covering R&D and design of products, supplier selection, raw-material purchase, manufacturing outsourcing process, product inspection, after-sale service for global customers, and so on.

2. Strict quality control standards of international first-class brands      
LiLiangWei’s sales territory includes more than 30 overseas markets. Regarding the high-quality standard of the customer  as its requirements, Tinno founded precise quality control standard which is close to international mobile power bank manufactures’. Each mobile power bank project needs to be tested over 20 times. In the same way, each project needs to receiving inspection assessment.

3. Company set up quality center for product quality management
For further strengthening the internal quality management responsibility, make LiLiangWei products from the market, research and development, material control, production, until the delivery of each link quality responsibility to implement, improve product quality and work quality, ensure to provide customers quality products, improve customer satisfaction, the company set up quality center devoted to product quality management. LiLiangWei products to the production of each link are strict quality control, the methods of target monitoring for the process of quality management system shall be controlled and to confirm the ability to continue to meet the intended purpose, have not reached the expected results, should take appropriate corrective and preventive measures, to ensure the quality of the products. By collecting quality data and information of each part, and constantly improve the quality, so as to realize the effectiveness of the quality management system operation.