The 3c global country trend under the epidemic situation

Column:Product News Time:2022-10-11

From the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, the consumer electronics industry's mainstream national traffic and payment buyers have been performing smoothly.Meanwhile, the fastest growth in payment buyers was in Brazil, the Netherlands and Japan. 

The mainstream national top three:

No.1 Southeast Asia: Demand for consumer electronics is similar to China's

No.2 Russia: In recent years, the demand for consumer electronic products in Russia shows a trend of substantial rise

No.3 Middle East market: Compared with other countries, the Middle East market has fewer trade barriers, which is conducive to expansion

Pay the buyer top three:

No.1 Brazil:Brazil's urbanized population now accounts for 81% of the total population, which is gradually spreading to neighboring countries such as Argentina. The opportunities are still great.

No.2 Netherland:The Netherlands has a strong demand for customization.

No.3 Japan:Japan has a more developed economy and a large demand for consumer electronics, especially accessories.