Some Functions That are Easily Ignored when Buying Bluetooth earphones

Column:Product News Time:2022-11-01

  In recent years, wireless Bluetooth earphones has become a trend.It is rare to see people wearing wired earphones on the street.Today, let's talk about that it is easy to ignore the purchase of Bluetooth wireless earphones, but it is very important.

  No.1:Double label noise reduction earphones

  When AirPods Pro came into the market last year, noise reduction was promoted by wind and water. Noise reduction is indeed a necessary condition for a good earphone.The folling one is wireless earphone have ANC/ENC true wireless earphones. Small stature and big drama full of black technology,the new upgrade makes wireless more cool.Using imported upgraded bt 5.3 chip 10 meters distance wireless connection,the sound is clear and no delay.

  No.2:Time delay

  No matter how good the earphones are, there will be time delay when listening to music, playing games and watching TV.The following model Over-ear translucent bluetooth earphones,fast connection.uses the new generation bt 5.2 technology,with lower transmission delay and transmission distance up to 10m.

I hope the above information can help you purchase Bluetooth earphones.