Will using noise reduction earphones for a long time do harm to our ears

Column:Product News Time:2022-12-28

  With the continuous growth of the noise reduction earphone market, the question whether the use of noise reduction earphones will harm our ears has also attracted increasing attention.

  Some people questioned that although active noise reduction earphones are easy to use, and it is easy to become more dependent when used for human ears, will long-term use of active noise reduction earphones cause harm to our ears, or affect our hearing?

  What is the working principle of noise reduction earphones?

 Through special processing, the microphone on the headset that collects sound, especially low-frequency noise, can emit sound waves that are opposite to low-frequency noise, so as to offset low-frequency noise.Therefore, many noise reduction earphones will feel uncomfortable when they are worn for the first time, because the air pressure outside the ear is directly offset and the air pressure is felt. This will not harm the hearing of the ear, but will protect the hearing.

  Select, noise reduction headset with transparent mode.

We often have the need to talk with people while isolating noise. Frequently picking up and putting on earphones makes people feel tired.Therefore, it is recommended to select active noise reduction earphones with transparent mode.